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collection targeting foreigners located outside of the united states. i'm going to say that again, mr. speaker. targeting foreigners located outside of the united states. and not on americans located in the united states or anywhere else in the world. third, the f.a.a. is subject to a robust oversight structure including congress. and i can assure you that the intelligence committee takes this responsibility extremely
sued is helping paralyse people to help again. >>> caltran and is changing procedures after a pause passenr jumped on the way of a speeding bullet train. they say the problem occurred when they cross tracks to their vehicles. south san francisco does not have signals to warn of an approaching train. >>> we are extremely relieved that there were no injuries as a result of this incident the driver of the stopped northbound train and tested positive for marijuana. it is mandatory for engineers to use their signals to make sure the station is clear. >>> today's coastal cleanup day dozens of volunteers filled one trash bag after another. they cleared a stretcher tulley road and capitol expressway. >>> it was cleaned then and now it's gotten really messy and that was just like i didn't like it. >>> bags and did up in the water or along the shorelines every year. stores caught selling cigarettes to children could be forced to close. today governor brown signed legislation in cracking down on this is caught selling cigarettes to minors. >>> for many years i lived with doctors telling me tha
that we would delegate again final review and approval authority to the chair for the april 4, april 5, april 9, april 11 and april 14th meetings entertain the motion. >> so moved. >> is there a second? >> second. >> public comment on this item? hearing none. >> is this something that we can do? i'm not familiar with bodies doing this like this. >> we've determined this would be an appropriate process for the task force to approve its final minutes. >> without objection, thank you so much. one moment. public comment on the final draft map. and then, approve a final map for our city. i'm going to call members forward, i would remind you that you are limited to a two-minute time limit. going to ensure they have an opportunity to hear from everyone. when you have 30 seconds remaining it will ping and let you know you have 30 seconds and when those 30 seconds have expired it will ping even louder. if you keep talking, i will get louder. again would encourage you to be as specific as possible for both your input and recommendations. can i have the first list please? for the last time, yes.
is the case today. >> i'm a journalist from egypt visiting d.c., and returning back again to cover the i i did i did diad.a. lem that. you said that the islamist in egypt say that the -- [inaudible] this is not the case. [inaudible] to islam and what can be solution to this gap which i think will not be solvent in the upcoming years. we will have -- problems. >> thank you. thank you for this question. first, what are you saying about the muslim hood and what was said was right. that's right. let me finish. he was talking about changing and reforming the individual, the family, and the society and at the end to get the islamic state and this was against the british residence and liberate the country toward the islam state. this is clear. if you look what is happening now within the muslim brotherhood you cannot say it is the same discourse. you can't say this. you might they they are changing words and having the same intelligence but be what was said recently even by mercy he said it clearly it's a [inaudible] no. you have to acknowledge he said it. once again, heim not asking you to trust wha
's head. it is important. >> again libyan americans say they plan to host a vigil at lafayette square in front of the white house until 8:00 until 11:00 tonight. reporting from washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you. coverage of the attacks will continue on "world news" at 6:30 and on >> and we have developing is from alexandria, where police are looking for a man who allegedly assaulted a woman who was jogging around 6:30 this morning, where the man grabbed her from behind. the woman screamed and escaped unharmed. police are reminding runners to be aware of their surroundings, be in a well lit area and to keep a cell phone hannity if possible. >> police pulled their ford crown victoria automobiles off of the road. abc 7 news was told of a couple of cars did have a problem. nobody was hurt. prince george's county also planning similar inspections. >> the former campaign treasurer of michael brown is denying in beslan the charges. brown says his campaign is missing more than 100 10,000 dollars, and he has accused the former treasurer of spending the money without auth
now. and again, if the americans are going to have any chance, steve stricker has to win the 18th. >> dottie, are they measuring here to see who's away? >> the official did have to come in. both are 164 yards and it was determined that kaymer is away. first to play. the lie in the bunker's fine. >> it's just a wow. that's what this is. >> in this position, you can't help but think about bernhard langer, '91, kiawah, who had that putt at the last with everything on the line. nice. not bad angle. can he produce a good shot? >> contact was good. it's left of the flag stick. >> tell you what, that's pretty much made stricker have to have a birdie. we'll see if kaymer can get it done in two and make it, but that has put huge pressure on stricker. as kaymer is aboard in regulation. >> and you can see how relieved he is to have hit the green. >> only two germans to ever play in the ryder cup. >> he was so nervous he couldn't wipe his nose. >> hook lie. hook wind. 164. >> stricker has to win the hole outright to keep the u.s. hopes alive. starts at the right edge of the green, turning tow
for the to convince the eurozone which have already helped out the banks here and might have to help spain again. late last night, thousands again gathered on the roads around spain's parliament. again, a tense atmosphere as the police moved in. but there was not violence, like the night before. all this as the government prepared to set out its budget for next year. >> the sense of deja vu as the spanish government once again cut tens of billions of euros from its budget. this is bain doing its part of its deal with the eurozone, which has already pledged up to 100 billion euros for troubled banks here and will soon probably have to help spain again. what is the spanish government trying to do? it has to reduce its budget deficits. it needs to make savings this year of 62 billion euros and 40 billion euros in 2013. but fear is that a deteriorating recession makes hitting those targets ever harder. >> you need the revenue to pay your debts. but then, of course consumption goes down so you don't have money to pay your debts. there is no growth. spain is in recession. next year it will stay in a recessi
imagine on them right now. and again, if the americans are going to have any chance, steve stricker has to win the 18th. >> dottie, are they measuring here to see who's away? >> the official did have to come in. both are 164 yards and it was determined that kaymer is away. first to play. the lie in the bunker's fine. >> it's just a wow. that's what this is. >> in this position, you can't help but think about bernhard langer, '91, kiawah, who had that putt at the last with everything on the line. nice. not bad angle. can he produce a good shot? >> contact was good. it's left of the flag stick. >> tell you what, that's pretty much made stricker have to have a birdie. we'll see if kaymer can get it done in two and make it, but that has put huge pressure on stricker. as kaymer is aboard in regulation. >> and you can see how relieved he is to have hit the green. >> only two germans to ever play in the ryder cup. >> he was so nervous he couldn't wipe his nose. >> hook lie. hook wind. 164. >> stricker has to win the hole outright to keep the u.s. hopes alive. starts at the right edge of the gr
with the bread already. >> jon: four years ago, he made us hope again. yes, we can. now he wants to make us hope again, again. >from charlotte's ville, this is the -- captioning sponsored by comedy central >> very excited you're from north carolina line -- so named for the band who was here in 1986. we're at the imaginon theatre,, joe an are here to entertain usn tonight dnc host city. we are in tampa at the republican national convention. we are slowly working our way back home. >> we're not better off than we were four years ago. >> hope and change were elected four years ago. and where has that gotten us. this president cannot tell us that you're better off today when we took office. sure he can [bleep] hey, mr. president, it's still a free country until obama gets re-elected. no -- he got me again. at the republican convention, are you better off? no. now the next day of the 1kreu79d 1kreu79d -- scripted dance, do the journalist -- can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago? >> that's not the question of this selection. >> see, it's just a scripted
fight off breast cancer. and again, she has taught me a lesson in courage. and always, always, she taught me to fight. that's why i will fight to create high-paying jobs so that parents can afford to raise their children today. that's why i'm so committed to make sure every american gets the hea -- health care that saved my mother's life. [cheers and applause] and that awomen's health care gets the same attention as men's. [applause] that's why i will fight to make sure women in this country receive respect and dignity, whether they work in the home, out of the home, or both. [cheers and applause] do you want to know where i get my fighting spirit? it all started with my mother. thank you, mother. i love you. when i think about opportunity for all americans, i think about my grandfather. he ran a country store in our little town of hope. there were no food stamps back then. when customers white or black came in with no money, he gave them food anyway. he just made a note of it. so did i. i learned to him to look up to people other folks looked down on. [cheers and applause] my gran
again one bullet was fared. hit the school and so they had to make sure that was all fixed. again the kids are fine. police found evidence of a theft in that truck. now it's also important to note that so far this year vallejo police have been in officer involved shootings and 5 fatal. 2 others were wounds sod again, no one was hurt tonight but they did open fire on the suspect who have been taken that custody. live in pleasant hill. >> amma thank you. >> emotional final goodbye to father, son, friend, fallen comrade. thousands of mourners paid their respect today for california highway patrol manikin i don't know young strom killed last week in the line of duty. others crowded along road and highway as the funeral procession moved from napa to the mission church in vacaville. here's 7 news vacaville. here's 7 news reporter johnal stron >> once again a dreaded tragedy brought members of law enforcement together in a place nobody wanted to ever be. this time they were here for 37-year-old young strom officer killed last week, a death that leaves his 4 children only memory
. and then again, it's not all on has beobbi made it tough on the others trying to protect. >> gus: third down and three. 1 and 10 on third down conversion. barkley over the middle. incomplete. marqise lee, the intended receiver. that ball thrown behind. >> charles: i have to believe the pressure of the evening caused the inaccuracy because there was nothing in barkley's face on that play. all evening long had to try and throw with pressure and his mental clock fed up. that came out inaccurately off his hands. >> gus: matt barkley, 16 of 34. two interceptions. 0 for 3 in his career against the cardinals. terrell back deep as negrete stands at the 19. and a roll and will be down inside the 20. a 48-yard punt. 8:40 to go. 21-14, stanford. >> charles: this is the time where if that running game can stay true to form, they can eat up a lot of time. and this is what they love. big people working on big people. led the running back by the 3-4 seam and get what they can. now, the off season, usc spent a lot of time. you see the rushing yardage, huge in stanford's favor. usc spending a lot of time in
, 2009, again, it's got mr. kipnis' signature, if you look at the fares again, it is exactly written the same way but it is reversed, it reverses and it is exactly the same pattern for every single fare which is ten fare ins that particular weigh bill, these are duplicate fa -- fares, it is the same, that's one of the examples that i would like to show. again, for the record, it's may 22 and may 15th, two separate dates. in my next evidence, i would like to show, there's another date driven by mr. kipnis dated may 8, 2009, and again, you can compare to this other weigh bill, may 2, 2009. if you look at the total mileage -- >> can you give me a second to get to the place in the packet, please. okay. >> okay, you look at the first box under the mileage, it's 79 thousand 121, that's the starting mileage, that's when the driver first starts off the shift, and when it finishes, it ends at 79 thousand 343, that's the ending miles and the meter reading inside of the taxi cab once the shift ends. now i'm going to shift over to the other weigh bill for the one dated may 8, 2009. if look at
. >> i a.m scared that they might shoot again. >> a teenager tweets guilty to running down a father and daughter. tonight, an exclusive interview with a concord woman whose life was devastated. >> april 7th was the worst day of my life. >>pam: a high-speed chase involving three robbery suspects on the streets of san francisco and and one the suspe crashed into several vehicles and injured several people. reggie kumar is live with more. >>reggie: the high-speed chase near buchanan, that is the silver mercedes that the suspects were in, it slammed into the family cms sidewalk and crashed into three parked vehicles. go ahead and take a look at this video. police say this all started this afternoon when a woman was walking down the street in a pacific heights neighborhood with a ipad inside her backpack when one of three three robbery suspects grabbed her backpack and jumped into the silver mercedes suv. as it is officers caught up with the vehicle, a high-speed chase started. it only lasted a few minutes. after the crash of three suspects or arrested. this is video of one of the sus
careful. also, take the jacket again this morning. we are chilly. look at clarksville at 51 degrees. once again the temperatures in the low to upper 50s. we should be around 60 degrees now for this time of the year for the low temperatures. and we can see that we are at 58 right now in cambridge. centerville at 55. winds are calm to light and that continues throughout the day but we will get more of a southerly breeze in here. i will explain that coming up. but we look at maryland's most powerful radar and we are nice and dry. that's going to stay that way heading throughout the day and this is our hour by hour forecast what we have. it's going to be a cool morning. 76 degrees. let's check the timesaver traffic with lauren cook. tell us about the fog. >> reporter: well, you want to expect a lot of reduced visibility in frederick and carroll counties. reduce speeds and be extra careful. if you are using the jfx, an issue along the southbound lanes. there'ston of trash bags that's -- there's a ton of trash bags along the lane. so be careful using 83 this morning. everything will be up to sp
name to lincoln strategies. they got caught, so he changed the name again. let me show you the break down of the years he has been doing this. 2012 $3.1 million, 2008 $175,000, and then $37,000 in two different instances from the mccain camp and $7 million from the bush and cheney camp in 2004. so it's not like this is a onetime accident. no, they hire them to do something wrong. they project and say, oh i didn't believe the democrats are doing voter fraud, because they have been paying millions of dollars all this time to do voter fraud. the l.a. times explained . . . >> in other words the party knew who he was doing. they liked to change the name and let's do it again. they have been doing this for a long, long time. here they have priorities destroying democratic voter registration forms, failing to process democratic registrations, attempting to put ralph nader on the ballot in 2004 because they wanted to take votes away from john kerry. they got banned by wal-mart for partisan registration efforts. how right-wing do you have to be to get banned by wal-mart? th
. and then look at the pressure inside in the face of matt barkley. and then again, it's not all on has beobbi made it tough on the others trying to protect. >> gus: third down and three. 1 and 10 on third down conversion. barkley over the middle. incomplete. marqise lee, intended receiver. that ball thrown behind. >> charles: i have to believe the pressure of the evening caused the inaccuracy because there was nothing in barkley's face on that play. all evening long had to try and throw with pressure and his mental clock fed up. that came out inaccurately off his hands. >> gus: matt barkley, 16 of 34. two interceptions. 0 for 3 in his career against the cardinals. terrell back deep as negrete stands at the 19. and a roll and will be down inside the 20. a 48-yard punt. 8:40 to go. 21-14, stanford. >> charles: this is the time where if that running game can stay true to form, they can eat up a lot of time. and this is what they love. big people working on big people. led the running back by the 3-4 seam and t what they can. now, the off season, usc spent a lot of time. you see the rushing yarda
you update on the matches that started just about 40 minutes again. a beautiful shot from the bunker. by justin rose after his partner, ian poulter, put it there. rose sets poulter up for a birdie at the very first hole and poulter, who just seems to be wired for this type of competition, first putt of the day is in for a birdie and poulter and rose quickly take the 1-up lead. and then the second shot at the par 4 3rd. this was webb simpson. again teaming up with bubba watson from 86 yards out. stiffs it. that produces a run for the united states as watson and simpson have squared it up. bradley and mickelson who went yesterday against lee westwood and luke donald. this was phil mickelson at the opening hole, par 4 433 yard hole. mickelson stiffs it. that set up a u.s. win there at the first, but a birdie to have it. could have had it as donald had a chance at it as westwood hit a nice approach there, but it was a 1-up lead for bradley and mickelson, then bradley and westwood, 381 yards, the water. and keegan bradley, phil mickelson won the first two holes over donald and westwood to
's expected to win another majority again. he can afford to lose much of that voting base. the president recently came out in support of same-sex marriage. >>> that's a touchy issue >>> mitt romney as more money which once barred man from who were african american to and from becoming a priest. >>> i believe what they can do the people, they can do to affect change in our nation is what's most important. >>> this is about right this is about rights w r and cheats. >>> most is just to get people to stop and think about what's really at stake. >>> there's a lot riding on enthusiasm. >>> the real dilemma of the president is if enough of those people bothered out to shop and vote. it did bother to make a difference. >>> i think this to get excited because this is a real opportunity for the force to be heard. >>> in berkeley and mackovic cbs five. >>> gas prices have risen 5¢ in the past week recorded triple a the national price of gas is $3.87 a gallon is up 16¢ from a month ago prices normally starts to decline after labor day but a number of national and international factors have led to
desire to win this again. bill: three straight points. game point for 4-2. >> fault. john: big effort from djokovic, saving those break points. here's last year. this is the third major in four events in 2011. mary: of course, he was down a couple of match points in the semis to roger federer. bill: novak comes in with a 27-match winning streak in grand slam hard court tournaments going back to 2010, when he lost in the final here when he lost in the final here to rafa. mary: so we saw rafa nadal get back his dominance of his favorite surface, the red clay of the french open this year. then we saw murray lose to the remarkably gifted grass-courter roger federer on federer's favorite surface. now djokovic trying to show us all once again why he's been the best hard court player in the world for two years. and at least now both players are in full acceptance of the harrowing conditions. they're more than willing to fight through them so they can get to each other. >> out. bill: three different men have won grand slam titles in year. of course, andy at the olympics. john: that's why so m
the area. 71 to 77 degrees. better chances we get into the noon hour. again, humid, warm, 76 to 81 degrees. and then for this afternoon, 5:00, mostly cloudy. showers, and thunderstorms. some of them, again, will be heavy. just like yesterday. getting the downpours that will lead to a lot of rain in a short period of time. 76 to 82 degrees by then. know that with any of these storms, again, we'll get that heavy rain. we can see a half to over an inch of rain in some spots today. especially up around montgomery, loudoun county, areas north and west. mike, what's going on on area roads right now? >> veronica, federal holiday so lighter than usual delays on the interstates. hov restrictions have been lifted on all the major interstates with the exception of route 50 in maryland. taking a look right now at the i understand comment virginia, mt. zepher street, vehicle far. no series worries on 95 and the vw parkway. 197. here we are, 95 at 216. no serious delays. live look. ten minutes ride from there to the beltway at 59 miles an hour. >>> this morning residents in bloomingdale are cleaning up
the field in the waning moments of the first half to take the lead again. >> cris: a great game, though, it really is. i mean, the quality of play, the quality of these two teams, it's showing up. it feels a little like that playoff action that we're used to seeing from these guys. >> al: the intensity would be always fun when we do a game with the ravens especially at home. touchback begins here. let's go to michele. >> michele: i spoke to john harbaugh at halftime. he said the game changed to them when they returned to their running game and ray rice got going. he likes that and expect more in the second half. bill belichick about slowing down ray rice you have to play them honest and they can run and you can't take one thing away from them. you got to play everything. al? >> al: rise with 11 carries and 50 yards. baltimore balanced. 16 running place and 16 pass plays. they begin with rice with a big hole! rice starts the second half with a first down on with a gain of 16. >> cris: i think jerod mayo ducks inside and vonta leach, fullback, has nobody to block. he goes on the wrong sid
called on supporters to join him again. >> our problems can be solved. our challenges can be met. the path we offer may be harder, but it leads to a better place, and i'm asking you to choose that future. >> barack obama wrapped up the democratic national convention by asking voters to consider what the election is all about. >> on every issue, the choice you face won't just be between two candidates or two parties. it will be a choice between two different paths for america. >> obama delivered his message to delegates and to millions of americans watching on television. he responded to voters' concerns about the economy, promising 1 million new jobs in manufacturing over the next four years. >> yes, our road is longer, but we travel it together. we don't turn back. we leave no one behind. >>> president obama's message provided a book end to several days of speeches by prominent democrats. obama's gift for speaking helped sweep him into power four years ago. he acknowledged that the road may be harder now. earlier, yuko otani talked with toshohiro, a professor of politics and eco
will that cover again? mr. pilpel: i think i raised the question in this meeting. i'm not sure what is possible, but what i was referring to was that the statistics that were shown in the 2000 redrawing, that describes some of it. for each district, the population, the deviation from the mean, expressed in numbers as well as percentage, statistics around out race and ethnicity, voting age population, and the like. those were included in the last redistricting task force report. anything along those lines would be helpful, to the extent possible, to include and summarize the analysis from what we have done. at mr. mcdonnell: okay. any other questions? and that is doable? >> no problem at all. we do have one question. we will create some maps that show the old and new boundaries, and we're also going to make some and brutalized -- some individualized district maps, and we want to know what you would like to see on those maps. this goes directly to what kinds of data you would like to present or you think is useful. for example, total population deviation, maybe a couple of other things on there.
is helping people per allies to walk again. the man at the center of the e n ty is one movie was interviewed by federal investigators. you've seen leaving his home and lost teredo and met with officers this morning. he kept his face hidden and applied to no contest to bank fraud charges in 2009. investigators are looking into whether and that he violated the terms of his probation computers or the internet to present your looking at more protests praye,. the cement that eight american demonstrations are no longer good isolated to the muslim world praye. several people were injured in the clash. the group was are gplugging the u.s. consulate. >>> their bodies i arrived at the air force base yesterday praye. president obama is facing attacks of balancing policy m politics as he campaigns. each data did will appear separately at a farm in florida posted by univision. police in san jose are investigating an accident killed and 8 year-old boy police say he was writing an electric scooter when he was picked by truck. >>> behind me is the moral which includes the artists and david macdonald said fr
the butter fly won't fly again so butter wait. butter stay. butter still. what have we made that awakes. stay still. listen to the song of a man in his sleeping shell. it come down it come down. the pinpoint, the knuckle, the mallet. wait a bit. no birthing. no saving. no feeding. dammit! >> listen to the song of a man who makes what have we made? thank you. [applause] >> patricia leanne caldwell born in tennessee. daughter of robert and irma. at age of 3 moved to missouri and returned when she was 12 years old. patricia grew up with segregation and injustices which she writes about. she spent many countless hours in the nashville public library. it was her family life that was bountiful and flowing with tales told by her story telling grandfather. raised with love of reading and oral tradition. graduated from tennessee state and degree in english in 1964. she married her childhood friend on december 12. they are the parents of fredrick and twins robert and john. her education continued with a master's degree in early childhood literature, and programming in 1975 from webster university. pat
in the situation that has the wrong license number on it? >> again, that would be with abc because that belongs to them. they would make the ultimate decision. transfer a license that does not exist? supervisor kim: it is that this address does not about 48 license, can we transfer of 48 license to this address? >> that would be a question that abc would have to answer. supervisor campos: thank you very much. based on our own independent research, we also found out the lessons being transferred is up 47 license as opposed to a 48. before we do that, but there are many members of the public here. can you for purposes of the benefits of people watching were here, what is the difference between a 47 license in 48? >> 47 is a license to sell beer, wine, and distilled spirits. miners are allowed, and generally there are restaurants where minors are allowed. 48 is a bar and miners are not allowed. ors are not allowed. supervisor campos: to me, that is a significant difference. one of the things i am bothered by it, unless i missed it, i do not see anything in the documents provided to us by the polic
and responsibilities are. this is a bridge that we always want to strengthen. again, the approaches to it as well. janet riley, thank you for your leadership once again. [applause] it takes all of that to preserve the bridge. working together, with almost everyone here, they have done that to ensure the bridge will remain a symbol of strength for san francisco, this area, and an iconic image of our city for future generations. today, our gift to the bridge reflects our join in celebrating the golden gate bridge. as joseph strauss wrote, and i will say again, resplendent in the western sun. that is, indeed, this morning. for san francisco and the bay area, this bridge is a faithful companion for californians, of course, a source of great pride and a symbol of who we are, the golden gate way, and for americans, is a national treasure. together, we observe the 75th anniversary. doesn't it seem like yesterday it was the 50th anniversary? so i was see you at the 100th. in the meantime, we pledge to continue in honoring the history of this bridge for decades to come. and now, following the lead of the
my little girl again. [ crying ] >> i will never -- [ crying ] >> cook her favorite meal for her. never watch her favorite movie with her. her favorite, i will never read it to her. [ crying ] >> and i will never pick her up after school again. >> reporter: then there is the loss of her husband. >> and i lost my best friend, my husband for 15 years. i never had a bad day with him. he was my prince charming. he was my best friend, he was my hero. we did everything together. >> reporter: her daughter, han aalso shared -- hannah, also shared her thoughts. >> it was not the scene as usual. we used to wake up early in the morning, we used to go bike riding. me and my sister were best friends. when she was born, i used to take care of her. my mom would get her food ready, and i said no, i'll feed her. she was asleep next to me in my room. >> reporter: they go to the grave yard every day to pay their respects. the next month, she says, will be even harder. october 1st is his birthday. >>> the little boy hit by a stray bullet sleeping in his bed is home from the hospital tonight yes he i
like we saw yesterday. possibility again tomorrow. highs today should be in the low-to-mid-80's. oklahoma city at 103. dallas, 102. cooler in boston. we will have more in our four guests and talk about my chances coming up. >> university of maryland is cleaning up thanks to a water main break. it gave way route and the memorial chapel just beforthis morning. it forced chris to shut down regent drive and chapel dry. the cause of the break is not yet clear. people living in northwest d.c. will spend the holiday crying out their basement once again. this comes after last night's storms want roads and even shut down this has got to be frustrating for people. >> hard to believe that this has happened again. basements and cars once again flooded. even the metro station feeling the effects of the flash flood. you can see from the emergency sign that this could happen again tonight. >> just no way to live. >> residents of this neighborhood are convinced that this latest flood has more to do with the drainage problems than the actual rent. merge cars once again shared the road rescue raf
momma, do it again, please. i would beg her to do it again, she would say, no, go to bed, now. i grew up listening to dunbar who wrote in dialect, little brown baby. he wrote beautiful things in standard english. an angel robed in spotless white. the spirit was gone, men saw the blush and called it [inaudible]. i fell in love with that beautiful black angel. i could visualize it the way my mother would resite it. i know why the cage bird sings, it would be free. it is not a carol of joy or pray upward to heaven he fling. i know why the cage bird sings. mia angelou knew of it. i like dunbar, my grandfather used words the way he described him. good morning mr. james, how are you feeling this morning. he would say i am stepping, but not high. isn't that wonderful? okay. okay. i go play down by the creek. he would say yes, tkarlg, but be particular. that meant be careful because i love you and don't want anything to happen to you. it was coded in the be protected. he often said be careful now. that meant one thing, be particular, there was stuff down by the creek and he wanted me to be caref
it wouldn't be unusual to have the same thing happen again and last week at this meeting you did the same damn thing you did at that meeting. you rearranged your agenda moving public comment to the third item. and as a result a number of people whose names i got were forced to leave without leaving public comment because they had timed their attendance to the agenda that you had sent out saying that the public comment would be the first actual item on the agenda. this is nothing but manipulation in an effort to cut down public comment. i think that you guys sit up there and you see people and if you see a lot of people and you don't want to hear public comment, you just simply rearrange the agenda without any reason and force people into not being able to comment. when this happened to me, i tried to make a comment about it and i was told i couldn't make a comment because i wasn't allowed to say certain things. and i thought, well my god. people on a commission in san francisco actually think that sitting on a commission gives them a right to supercede the constitution of the united state
. once again, this is my perfect day, 80. low humidity. with abundant sunshine. it really doesn't get a whole lot better than this. this is my fperfect summer in late summer, early fall. out there today, around the rest of the region, everybody in the upper 70s. 79 in winchester. around 80s toward fredericksburg. no rain in our region. once again, as we widen out, we show you the eastern two-thirds of the nation, completely dry, from the mississippi all the way over towards our area. the only area of rain is a frontal boundary that will try to move our way. right now, it's in towards portions of nebraska and iowa. colorado seeing a pretty good storm from this one. denver, today, 50 degrees and rain. that's not so good. but for us, we have beautiful weather. high pressure, nice and mild across our region. high pressure sitting on top of us tomorrow. more sunshine on your thursday. watch what happens on friday, though. here comes that front. i think we'll see a few more clouds on friday. but i think this is going to be mainly a dry front. it has some rain to the west. as it comes across
in the accident. you're squeezing by to the right to get by. this is again a live look from our sky 9. looks like it may be moving o. some good news here. you're watching it live. looks like some of the activity is still sitting right there on the right shoulder. beltway outer loop just reopened within the last few seconds. let's take a look at the beltway outer loop. this is what it looks like at route 29. that's going to be one long slow lineup. now over to virginia on the northbound side of 95. this is incident free close into springfield. delays forming leaving route 644. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:12. >>> at the top of the hour, we're following breaking news out of the middle east. protests at a third u.s. embassy this morning. >> people in the capital of yemen stormed the american embassy there this morning. this follows protests yesterday in libya and in egypt. kristin fisher is live in our satellite center with more on some deadly violence. kristin? >> reporter: right now a mass protest under way right outside the u.s. embassy in yemen's capital. so far it has not turned violent.
, if you can make that small change. thank you again for seeking input from others. >> thank you for that comment and suggestion. >> i appreciate that suggestion to add bureaus. >> would you like to move an amendment. >> yet, and add baou roys in bullets 4 and 6, after each enterprise, and baou roys. life i okay, we have a motion. could i have a second. >> second. >> any discussion? any public comment, on the motion to amend, all those in favor. >> ayes. >> motion carries. tall in favor, opposed? the motion carries. thank you. madam secretary, item 10. >> (reading i temg 10 from the agenda). ... with a duration of 5 years to brao vied comprehensive management, of cherry reservoir water shape as well as security of .... >> steve richie. general manager for water. this is 2 agreements. one for comprehensive management for which arey water shed and the other -- parallel to the hetch hetchy. we do care about the water quality of cherry reservoir, so, we want to make sure we're protecting the quality of that reservoir similar to how we fro tengt the hetch hetchy. to provide
midday and again this afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy skies. these temps, the computer is spitting out might be a couple of degrees too low. i wouldn't be surprised with enough sunshine we make a run toward the 90-degree park. there are the showers west moving toward the east. a few showers have also developed just up 95, baltimore up toward the border there with delaware. so if you're going that way, watch out for that. winchester we've got a shower there. also here west of martinsburg, this stuff is fizzling as it approaches i-81. south of winchester going down 340 between front royal, north of luray, this is moving to the east, southeast. this will eventually end up in fauquier county, the northern half of the county. might even make it toward warrenton in about 45 minutes. 76 in arlington and laurel. 78 in crofton this morning. fairfax 74 with 75 in sterling and 78 down at fort belvoir and outside on our michael & son weather cam, well, mostly cloudy skies. we're seeing light showing up in the east. the lights are on wisconsin avenue. 79 officially at reagan national under the clou
strikes in the past 30 minutes. down into san jose again, a few light showers right now as the thunderstorm pattern continues to push through. the remnants of tropical cyclone john. it's going to continue into tomorrow. >>> in case you missed the sunset this evening, here's a look at some video, as well as some of your photographs sent into kron4ke a look at the rainbow over san francisco. this bright pink sky was seen throughout the bay area this evening. you can find additional pictures on our facebook fan page. coming up, not one but 2%s take the stage at the -- presidents take the stage at the democratic national convention. >> giants in arizona doing battle, football season is here, and the a's game had a scary moment. iiç >>> former alameda county supervisor nadia lockier is being charged with drug possession and child abuse. police found her with methamphetamine in an orange county home with her 9-year-old son. the state's former attorney general has filed for divorce and is seeking joint custody of their son. nadia resigned from her seat in april after a series
to support it again. and i pledge to my friend that i would do whatever i can in my power to make sure the senate does take this up so we can pass it into law and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. lungren: mr. speaker, this time i'd yield four minutes to the gentleman from north carolina, mr. jones, a distinguished member of the committee on armed services and the committee on financial serviceless. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from north carolina is recognized. mr. jones: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. chairman and ranking member braidy, i want to thank you all for bringing this bill back to the floor of the house. this came to my attention, i would not have had any idea that if a candidate or an incumbent running as a candidate would die in office, that they, their family would not decide how to disburse the money, it would go back to the treasurer of the campaign and in many case, many times that's probably what the family would want anyway. but what
independent. it should be in one district to ultimately absorb. thank you very much, again. >> thank you, sir. >> by the way i'm going to mention again the voting rights regard of voter region station just to protect yourself. >> thank you very much. mr. everhart, mr. speaker brown and mr. speaker scott. >> good morning. my name is sharon and i'm vice chair of the district 11 council and a 4 year resident which is located in the heart of district 11. i do not come forward to test by earlier because my neighborhood has never seriously been in danger of being split into another district. but i wanted to take this last opportunity to speak, to publicly thank the task force for not just listening to the public, but to actually hearing all the folks who came to testify. and for your commitment to keeping neighborhoods whole. for you reuniting the other neighborhoods that were split 10 years ago. i also wanted to thank the consultants and kay for all their work in getting the draft maps and the boundaries up on the website so quickly. and lastly i would like to thank any fellow council members who
reward. if he sees the puppies again, he said it will be the best $500 he ever spent. >> gary called us because he knows the viewers of abc2 always come through. so call the anne arundel police department. come on. let's help gary and his family out. >>> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest for two fires that happened at a denny's. a person of interest was seen on surveillance video. the first fire was set in the men's room trash can, didn't do much damage, but the second one, that started in the men's bathroom and this spread. it caused $500,000 in damage. so authorities are asking anyone who recognize the man in the video or have information about the fire call the fire marshal. >>> before the big night governor o'malley made the rounds on the sunday morning shows, giving a preview of what to expect. he touched on job creaption and voiced his support for president obama. governor o'malley is set to take the stage at 10:00 in charlotte and will be introducing the keynote speaker, julian castro. >>> they will be showing the documentary "bully." it highl
-shot rally again. djokovic finally going for too much. bill: murray had 15-30. john: what would this do to his head if he fights all the way back and loses his serve? bill: murray is two points away from a two sets lead. john: he's certainly expended a lot of effort and energy to get back into this set. back into this set. he wants to be rewarded for it. john: that looked out. called out. bill: called out. a late call. huh -- he considers challenging and won't. john: he can't believe he's lost this point. it's two set points, on top of everything else. that is well out. bill: that's why he didn't challenge. challenge. john: unbelievable. bill: andy murray has never won two sets in a grand slam final. take another look. john: he's just praying for this to go in. then djokovic hit a tough ball, clips the tape. still set point. john: that's out. bill: and djokovic will challenge. john: well, that is going to be a two sets to love lead and murray closer than ever to a grand slam win. bill: andy murray is a set away from history, 7-6, 7-5. [bar noises] ♪ swing music plays ♪ ♪ swing m
right hours. over the next 24 again, dry air. any clouds and showers staying well away from us. out tomorrow morning and head out, again will be a nice sweater-kind of morning 60s.d the this thoughts this morning there 40s will be 49 or 48 degrees. the sunshine, at temperatures will rise into the 70s. as we get later into the week tomorrow and thursday, moisture coming way. really bad. the next time it does anything would be a risk of a few showers the weekend. again, cool morning tomorrow morning. in town, into the mid that -- 50s. temperatures with a comfortable humidity still around 80 degrees. none of the sticky heat and humidity coming our way. chance of an afternoon shower. nothing like the wild weather of last saturday. the next couple of days just scrumptious. >> fabulous. we will take it. k you. >> i want to take a second to extend a warm welcome to the our team.ber of as you see, sitting pretty in pink next to bob and doug, has joined us from cnn. she will be with us today and with steve in the morning. she got on me for calling her my old friend. [laughter] with to thorns
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cars and the entertainment that our operators of the cable car bring i want to remind you again this thursday is the 49th annual cable car bell ringing competition. it will be at union square at noon. we'll have our professional ringers, as well as celebrity competition. the proceeds of which will go to charity, and once again, comedian debby durst is the emcee and we'll be honoring the winner by placing their photograph into vehicles and by getting them in front of the media and getting them some recognition for the great work that they do everyday. it's a great event. it's a good muni tradition, a great thing for our 100th anniversary here and look forward to seeing all of you there at noon at union square on thursday. a few miscellaneous items. in early april and i think we may have talked about this briefly the sfmta in conjunction with improve sf, an initiative of the mayor's office hold a competition to ask san franciscans to come up with a new logo for the mta, reflecting mobility for the 21st century. we had artists who submitted proposals and went through an online vot
on a couple of the things that we made decisions on. so it is not like we are not doing anything, again, unless they happen to need to be done because we may change some things today by taking on some of these new issues that we are bringing to the table. >> thank you. any other comments? ok. in reflection of the question of the other proposals, again, we will move it very swiftly. >> i did not know if we have finished going down the slide. >> we have not. my apologies. >> nothing further. >> the only thing i would raise is instead of the swap, i had an alternative proposal of the nopa issue that would require revisiting, but it is an alternative. >> the subject is the same, but it is a different move? >> yes. the other issue, which is somewhat related, is just the cathedral hill campus. i cannot quite honestly remember where we ended up on that. >> just for clarity, when you say you cannot remember where we ended up, what do you mean? >> i would have to look at that area again, but i think the proposal was to add these zero population of the campus to district 5. >> and it is not there
's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> tomorrow evening marks the start of the jewish new year but for many jewish families when they raise a glass the options for toasting the holiday are somewhat limited. nbc bay area shows us how a livermore rabbi is hoping to change that. >> reporter: the livermore valley has a reputation for some of the nation's finest wines. for many, those fine wines are undrinkable. that's because to those of the jewish faith, they simply aren't kosher. >> born in new york city, never seen a vineyard in my life. >> reporter: we may not know the working end of a grape crusher, this rabbi is out to change livermore's wine industry, he is teaming up with the wine maker to create what he says is the region's first kosher wine. >> to be able to fuse the livermore wine culture with the jewish community is bringing it to the. >> he will face a steep learning curve. background as a manhattanite didn't exactly prepare him for the rigors of crushing and barreling. >> in my culture skyscrapers and yellow taxicabs, thi
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